02-November-2016, Yerevan, Armenia

Project Management Institute (PMI) organized on October 21-23 the Region 8 Meeting, hosted in Athens, Greece. There were a record number of 181 attendees, representing 39 Chapters from 31 different countries. PMI Region 8 meeting 2016 was a key event for collaboration and networking between chapter leaders, volunteers and project managers throughout Europe.
During the event PMI Values and Strategic Plan were presented and charters were given guidelines and best practices to communicate these to chapter members.
PMI Armenia Potential Chapter were represented by 2 of its members Mr. Thomas Mazejian and Mr. David Grigoryan. As a newly established chapter, it has benefited greatly by the event content and it is inspired and motivated to convey recognition, knowledge and network values to its members in Armenia.

The next PMI Region 8 Event will be held in Malmo, Sweden in November 2017.