14-August-2019 Yerevan, Armenia

On 13-August-2019 PMI Armenia  Chapter has organized a seminar at Deworkacy AOKS. The title of the seminar was "Reinventing HR by leveraging the power of AI" presented by Liana Ohanyan.

The aim of the monthly seminar program is to share project management experiences between different domains and companies. Moreover it provides a great opportunity for the Armenian professionals to network and interact with each other. 

In the first part of the presentation, Liana shared pan-Canadian experience, as one of the AI leading countries in the world, present the challenges and trends the Canadian enterprises meet in the process of adoption and transformation of AI. In the second part more specific examples will provided of how AI is currently being used in HR such as recruitment, performance management and other functions.

At the end of the presentation there was a mini reception during which cakes and juices were offered by the host Deworkacy.

This event was sponsored by Ericsson.




This event was organized by Creo.


20-June-2019 Yerevan, Armenia

On June 19, ASUE and the Project Management Institute Armenia Chapter signed Memorandum of Understanding.

Ruben Hayrapetyan, the acting Rector of the Armenian State University of Economics, and Thomas Mazejian, the President of Project Management Institute Armenia Chapter, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the University, upon which they will engage in cooperation on the fulfillment of common objectives directed to the education and science development.

Among the participants in the event held at the ASUE Center of International Programs there were Diana Galoyan, Vice-Rector of ASUE Academic Affairs, Tigran Mnatsakanyan, Vice Rector of Science and International Relations, Aram Hovhannisyan, the Director of Administrative and Organizational Department, Aghavni Hakobyan, Vard Ghukasyan, Lilit Gyulgyulyan, heads of divisions of Foreign Relations Department, employees, representatives of organizations. 
Aghavni Hakobyan, the Head of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Division, had a welcoming speech, highlighting that ASUE entered a phase of reforms focused on the events directed to the internationalization of the University, development of scientific-research component, as well as training programs.


“The signing of this Memorandum is directed to the reforms of the University, as currently we cooperate with various organizations in different spheres to have significant progress”, stated the acting Rector. Pointing out the cooperation with the Project Management Institute Armenia Chapter, he mentioned that project management was one of the trendy professions, so this cooperation would be of high importance for the ASUE. “Our University, together with its management and personnel, is ready to implement your ideas, which, I think, will be mutually beneficial”, highlighted Ruben Hayrapetyan. Thomas Mazejian, the President of Project Management Institute Armenia Chapter, spoke about the foundation of the organization, as well as its mission and success obtained during its activity. 

“One of the directions in our work is the cooperation with the educational sector”, noted Thomas Mazejian, highlighting the importance of signing the Memorandum with ASUE. “We have a big community of project managers, professionals. Our objective is to transfer the knowledge, experience and skills of these people to the students”, mentioned Thomas Mazejian during his interview with the Media and Public Relations Division. 
Memorandum aims to have constructive cooperation, which will promote the improvement of students’ professional skills, the qualification of the personnel, as well as the development of the scientific-research direction of the University. 


The parties promised, the tasks provided by the Memorandum would not remain unmet, they would soon initiate their fulfillment.

17-May-2019 Yerevan, Armenia

On 16-May-2019 PMI Armenia  Chapter has organized a seminar at the BURO. The title of the seminar was "The Box: a boundary or a chance" presented by Astghik Ararktsyan, PMP.

The aim of the monthly seminar program is to share project management experiences between different domains and companies. Moreover it provides a great opportunity for the Armenian professionals to network and interact with each other. 

The seminar discussed how people often complain that they don’t have enough freedom to create, innovate and to act, in other words, they are limited to the box because of the circumstances. The training shows that restrains can accelerate creativity which is the driving source behind innovation. The training provides real-life examples and demonstrates several tools which can be used to enhance creativity thus turning the undeniable reality into a real-life competitive advantage..

At the end of the presentation there was a mini reception during which cakes and juices were offered by the host BURO.

This event was sponsored by Ericsson.


15-Feb-2019 Yerevan, Armenia

On 07-February-2019 PMI Armenia Chapter organized a meeting exclusive to its members at the "The Club" restaurant. The main objective of the meeting is to report the chapter's achievements of 2018 and to listen the concerns of the members.

The meeting started with the welcome message of the PMI Armenia Chapter founder and president Mr. Thomas Mazejian.

Mr. Mazejian presented the chapter's achievements of of 2018 and introduced the PMI Armenia Chapter board members. This followed an open dialogue and discussion between the chapter members and the board members. This was an excellent opportunity for the members to voice their opinions and share their ideas of how to improve the PMI Armenia Chapter.

17-Dec-2018 Yerevan, Armenia

On December 12, Russian-Armenian University (RAU) and Project Management Institute (PMI) Armenia Chapter signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the aim to promote awareness, interest and enthusiasm on project management to RAU students.

The major thrust of the MoU is to promote mutually beneficial cooperation between RAU and PMI Armenia Chapter. The MoU aims to promote experience in sharing and networking among students and project management professionals through seminars and networking events, as well as creating internship and job opportunities for students.

One of the key strategic directions of PMI Armenia Chapter is reaching out to the academia and creating a platform where students can be part of the project management community in Armenia. We strongly believe that project management plays an important role in the development of Armenia. We are looking forward to improve and enhance our collaboration with RAU”, explained Mr. Thomas Mazejian, PMI Armenia Chapter Founder and President.

PMI Armenia Chapter has additionally launched the Membership Ambassador Program (MAP). Its goal is to help assimilate new members and to ensure that each new member receives the most value possible from their PMI Armenia Chapter membership. The ambassador is a representative at the chapter level that serves as a liaison between university students and the chapter.

I welcome the initiative of PMI Armenia Chapter. We have exchanged some ideas on how we can foster our relationship by sharing experience and strategies to boost the project management practices. Project management plays an extremely important role in organizations, and the aim of Russian-Armenian University, as one of the leading universities in Armenia, is to ensure that students are well-exposed to the latest project management trends and practices”, highlighted Professor Armen Darbinyan, RAU Rector.

28-Nov-2018 Yerevan, Armenia

On 28-Nov-2018 PMI Armenia Chapter board members appointed Sona Matinyan VP of Volunteers. Mrs. Sona Matinyan has more than 8 years of experience in project management with  PMP (Project Management Professional) credentials. She has a vast experience in organizing events such as international competitions, festivals, conferences, educational projects, large scale concerts, professional workshops and masterclasses.

"I strongly believe that Mrs. Matinyan will bring enormous value to the chapter taking into consideration her experience and knowledge in managing event projects and working with volunteers. She will be taking the chapter to another level by attracting new volunteers especially the young generation, which is mandatory to the growth of PMI Armenia Chapter and project management profession" stated Mr. Thomas Mazejian the founder and president of PMI Armenia Chapter.

"Volunteerism is one of the fundamental PMI values and simultaneously it serves as one of the most effective tools to spread awareness and insure the engagement of young generation in the PMI activities. My initial steps as a board member will be targeted on establishing effective volunteer partnerships with organizations.” stated Sona Matinyan, VP of Volunteers.

As of 29-Nov-2018 PMI Armenia Chapter board members are:

President – Mr. Thomas Mazejian 
VP of Administration - Mrs. Oksanna Abrahamyan
VP of Membership – Mrs. Astghik Sahakyan
VP of Marketing and Sponsorship – Mr. David Grigoryan
VP of Volunteers – Mrs. Sona Matinyan
VP of Finance – Mr. Davit Iskandaryan
VP of Professional Development– Mr. Mikayel Nshanyan

05-Nov-2018 Yerevan, Armenia

On 02-Nov-2018 PMI Armenia Chapter organized a unique event which was the first inaugural "Project Management Annual Conference 2018" at the Marriott Armenia Hotel.

The opening ceremony kicked off with speech of PMI Armenia Chapter founder and president, Mr. Thomas Mazejian, who emphasized the importance of volunteerism in Armenia. Later on the speech of the president of Republic of Armenia Armen Sarkissian was delivered by his chief of staff Mr. Emil Tarasyan. The president addressed the participants with the following message: 

“This Conference is another proof of the new breath of young Armenia. I am convinced that such events will have their practical continuation. Such events prove that they will be constantly held in the Republic of Armenia. Our citizens, as well as all those who have a wish will have a chance to participate in conferences, as well as training and to receive qualification. At this era of rapid and constant changes it is important to move forward in accordance with the time. You need to be able to adapt to innovations in your activity fields. In the contemporary world it is necessary to be constantly informed and not to stop learning. Every knowledge-based event enables to rise by one degree in the professional scale”.

The event was attended by more than 300 professionals from different domains who were excited and eager to improve their knowledge and skills in project management. The second part of the conference included workshops with speakers from United Kingdom, Poland, Russia and Qatar. The workshop topics were related to projects in transportation, leadership, team building, transformation projects, emotional intelligence, and agile project management.


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06-Aug-2018 Yerevan, Armenia

On 04-Aug-2018 PMI Armenia Chapter founder and president Mr. Thomas Mazejian was invited to make a presentation about the Chapter for the PMP Exam Preparatory Course students at the American University of Armenia. Mr. Mazejian talked about the establishment process, as well as the future plans of the Chapter. Various topics were discussed with the course participants, in particular, the benefits of the PMI and Chapter memberships, participation in Chapter activities, volunteering opportunities, experience sharing seminars and others.

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